History of Heris Naeen Pharmaceutical

Established in 2009, Heris Naeen Pharmaceutical, also known by its trade name, Dirpol™, is a
privately owned manufacturer and distributer of health care, personal, anti septic, and pharmaceutical products in Iran. The story behind the initial spark that resulted in the inception of the company goes back to 1980, when the founder and CEO of the company, Hassan Shahryari, started working as a junior salesperson for the founder of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Dr. Gholamali Abidi, who was widely known as the father of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran.

In 2001 and after years of hard work, Mr. Shahryari launched his own pharmaceutical company, Abidi International Ltd, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan with the help of his mentor, Dr. Gholamali Abidi. Since its inception, the company has grown to become one of the largest and most respected distributors of pharmaceutical products in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Heris Naeen Pharmaceutical is the natural extension of Abidi International Ltd.’s success over the past decade.

From its 2 employees in 2009, 120 square meters beginning, the company has grown to employ over 60 people in research, development, manufacturing and distribution facilities all across the country; the operations of the company now occupy over 52000 square meters in Tehran, and Naeen.

At Heris Naeen Pharmaceutical, the goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of people and consumers by continuously building on our expertise in the field of consumer healthcare. We strive for excellence in our field of expertise to make a difference in the industry, and are committed to continual product development, highest quality control standards and excellent customer service.

At Heris Naeen Pharmaceutical, we will always meet regulatory, quality and compliance requirements, and value and respect our employees, our business partners, our suppliers, our customers and the communities we serve while operating with accountability and integrity in everything we do.